Built for Vans

The ARC-III is a modern electrical system designed specifically for vans. This plug-and-play system accomadates electrical systems of any size and is easily installed, so you can spend more time exploring and less time engineering.

Source Energy

Shore, Solar, or Alternator.
ARC-III has you covered.

A single module can charge your 12V battery bank with 50A of current, is compatible with 30A RV plugs, and can source a combined 600 W from your alternator and solar panels.

Store Energy

You choose your batteries,
ARC-III works with them.

Compatible with a wide range of battery chemistries, ARC-III provides custom charge profiles to keep your batteries healthy and you happy.

Use Energy

Whatever your applianes,
ARC-III will power them.

With a powerful 3kW inverter and up to 25A of regulated 12V DC output through a single module, ARC-III can handle even the most built out rigs.


ARC-III scales to your needs.

One module not enough? Add another and increase your charging rate and DC load capacity.

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